(Ghosts of Our Own)
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Year of Creation: 2023
Music written by Willea Zwey | Produced by Noxis

"Vár Eigin Draugar," titled in Old Norse, translated into "ghosts of our own",  brings a surreal narrative where history and present converge, exploring the echoes of our past that shape our identity as it delves into the collective psyche, unearthing the silent 'ghosts' of tradition and belief that linger within us.

Click for Max Resolution (9000 x 5063px)

Through its open-ended story, the piece invites introspection about our legacy and our interaction with the development of events that shape history and shed a light to the future. By taking bits and pieces of the distant glories and the price of progression, this piece challenges us to consider how we relate to the shadows of our past and the societal constructs around us.
The artwork transforms into a philosophical dialogue, as it's curious about where the past, present and future existence and identity will lead us. The artist sets the stage for a play within self, where the 'ghosts' we encounter reveal deeper truths about who we are and our place in the progression of time.
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