Willea Zwey is a Chinese - American multidisciplinary artist and musician based in Chicago. 
Drawing on her architectural background, Willea Zwey's art unfolds in otherworldly scenes marked by surreal elements and rich storytelling. Her focus on scene creation fosters a dynamic interplay of emotions, thoughts, and actions, characterized by vibrant color use and detailed worldbuilding. This approach artfully combines gentle, aesthetically pleasing details with deeper, more profound meanings, enhancing the narrative depth of her art.
Willea's works have been recognized globally since her 2021 debut in the digital realm, has been featured in prestigious platforms like Sotheby's and exhibited in venues like Times Square, Art Dubai, and more. Additionally, 
Willea contributes to the largest web3 digital artist collective NFT Asia and is the guest curator at imnotArt in Chicago, one of the first digital galleries in the Midwest.

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