Artist Interview with Toksa

Futuristic Art Conversations with Willea Zwey - Article by Warrenweb3

Connecting with Purpose with Willea Zwey - Article by Goodfit Puzzles

Artist Interview (Audio)
"It transferred what I learned from my previous experience in the architectural world into something new" - Interview with Chicago Tonight by PBS

" 'The New Digital: Born in Chicago,' beginning Saturday with new work from several NFT artists." - Article by Decrypt

Art Dubai 2022 
AD Middle East - Link
يوميات الشرق - Link

" 'The New Digital: Born in Chicago' exhibit, a collection featuring digital art created by Chicago-based artists. "

"The exhibit’s goal is to demonstrate art that highlights how Chicago inspires creativity through the city’s architecture and culture."
" After transitioning from a career in architecture, Zwey began making digital art in 2020 before learning about NFTs this year." - Interview with Business Journal 

Interview with ABC7 Chicago
Artist Interview with TxidArt
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